Attachment Instructions

  1. Unfasten all hook-and-loop closures.  

  2. Place Jover, logo facing out, over the front and side bars of the walker so that the hand grips and folding mechanisms are exposed and easy to access.  

  3. Fasten hook-and-loop closure on the inside front panel and then on both sides, adjusting tightness to fit.  

  4. Fasten hook-and-loop closures around each of the four legs. 

  5. Your Jover does not need to be removed when folding your walker. For best results, unfasten the hook-and-loop closure over the front bars of the walker before folding. 


  • Use only as directed. 
  • Clean hook-and-loop closures regularly to ensure secure attachment. 
  • Remove Jover to inspect walker per manufacturer guidelines.
  • Jover is a decorative cover, not a medical device.